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Karate Sport Action...a way of life!

- Traditional karate
- Competition training
- Anti-Bullying Program


Karaté Sport Action is a martial art school located in Blainville on the north shore of Montreal and offers karate classes for everyone and programs for all ages (starting at 3 years old). We are serving the regions of Blainville, Mirabel and Ste-Thérèse,as well as the surrounding areas.


Karate Sport Action was founded on April 30th, 2001 by Kyoshi Manon Deslauriers (8th degree black belt) and Shihan Eric Tremblay (6th degree black belt and 53x world champion). Up to today, the school has welcomed more than 2,000 students and continues to grow. We already have more than 200 black belts trained at our dojo, a great team of instructors, and a competition team of over twenty members. Also note that over the years, Karate Sport Action has led 12 of its students to the prestigious title of world champion.
karaté-Blainville-école-arts martiaux
karaté-Blainville-école-arts martiaux


The style taught at Karate Sport Action is kenpo. However, Karate Sport Action has developed its own style of kenpo which is a combination of all the best techniques of different styles and system studied over the years by Kyoshi Manon Deslauriers and Shihan Eric Tremblay during their long years of experiences in the field of martial arts.

Our style includes:hands strikes, kicks, blocks, katas, self-defense techniques, fighting (point fight), and weapons training (nunchaku, bo, kama and katana).Our school is always open-minded and gives our students the opportunity to benefit from a wide range of knowledge in the martial arts. We regularly receive in our dojo several great masters and martial arts experts in their respective fields. This guarantees our students a school with a modern system, which, while imbued with traditional techniques, is also open to changes and innovations.

That’s why Karate Sport Action ensures you that your quest toward the black belt will be one of the most exciting!Although competition is not mandatory for anyone, Karate Sport Action is very specialized in it. Our competition program offers: a provincial, national and world tournaments circuit, 2 competition team practices per week and a tricking class that teaches gymnastics and extreme kicks. We teach creative, musical and extrem forms and weapons. We will seek out the best in every students and turn them into champions!


Kyoshi manon deslauriers 8th degree black belt

Kyoshi Manon Deslauriers
8th degree black belt,
Trainer of 12 world champions
Kyoshi manon deslauriers Noir - 8 e degré

Shihan Éric Tremblay
6th degree black belt,
53x world champion


“At Karate Sport Action, our primary goal, aside from providing superior teaching and service, is to make each of our students: A black belt!A black belt is not something that you wear, it is something that you are... in the dojo, as well as in everyday's life.A black belt is a person who has great self-confidence, discipline and respect. His focus, his control and his perseverance makes him a winner, both in martial arts and in everyday's life. His black belt attitude is reflected at home and contributes to his success in school and/or work.Our school strives to maximize each student's potential, regardless of ability, by advancing it at their own pace, always according to their needs and within their limits.That's why karate is more than just a sport, it's a way of life!”


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